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At Analytical Behavioral Consultants (ABC), we are passionate about serving children, families and professionals in the implementation of research-proven support systems for children who struggle with learning, language and behavior. Our mission is to provide the highest quality behavior analytic services based on the most current research in both Verbal Behavior (VB) and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), to learners with developmental disabilities throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We succeed by accelerating learning and developing a child's ability to learn independently and in new ways. We develop positive teaching environments that allow the learner to develop communication and other skills under typically occurring contingencies, in both the community and family settings. zinstruction is individualized and goals are formulated by determining a child's existing skill sets using both criterion- and norm-referenced assessment tools (i.e., VB-MAPP, PIRK,A-BILLS, and Vineland). We maximize our success by utilizing cutting-edge, evidence-based tactics pertaining to direct instruction, the monitoring of progress and training of family members and educators.

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Analytical Behavior Consultants
1340 East 28th Street, Suite C 
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ABC - Oakland
​1340 East 28th Street, Suite C
Oakland, CA, 94606

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Analytical Behavior Consultants
​1040 Park Avenue, Unit# 200 C
San Jose, CA, 95126
Phone: 408.828.4997